Once you have made the decision to apply to Stonehill, please fill in the Online Enrollment Form. Application for Enrollment Part- 2 needs to be filled by the current school.

Checklist for supporting documents:
  • Report cards for the last two years – copy of passport or birth certificate (copy of OCI/PIO card, if applicable)
  • Copy of Vaccination Record
  • A non-refundable Application Fee of US$ 150 (per child) is required in order to process the application. Details will be sent via email
Additional documents may be required based on the application form and supporting documents submitted at the time of admission.

Points to note from our Admissions Policy


  • All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can provide an educational programme that can meet their particular needs. We are staffed to enable learning support to a limited number of students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

  • There is a set of minimum requirements for entry to the IB Diploma Programme, which includes tests in English and Mathematics

English Language Learners

All children whose native language is not English may be required to take reading and writing language assessments during the enrollment stage, and then upon entry to the school. 

Class Placement

Children entering Stonehill will be placed according to their age. In Middle Years and High School an exception may be made based on a child’s educational history. Assessment is based on a combination of age, previous educational record, tests taken at the time of admission and classroom observation. The decision of the Admissions Committee is communicated via email.

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Fill the Admission Form for the year 2024 -2025

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