Our School


Our guiding principles for the past fifty years have remained the same as those with which our Founders, Smt. Savitri S. Nair and Sri M. S. Nair, started the Indira Priyadarshini group of institutions in 1975. Our founders passionately believed in the following:

  • That imparting a love of learning is the greater purpose than imparting rote knowledge alone.
  • That the school must equip each child with a moral compass that would enable it, no matter what the situation or circumstance, to take the correct action at any time in their life.
  • That cultivating a habit of reading from the youngest age onwards is a key responsibility for the school.
  • That the school must strive for social justice, i.e. ensuring education is equitable and providing support to weaker sections so they have a level playing ground.

Our Values

Our School Values are non-negotiable and central to all that we aspire to achieve as an academic institution.
They guide our management and staff in all academic and operational practices and the members of the school community – students, teachers and staff – in their conduct at all time.
We believe that instilling these values into our student is as important, or more, as ensuring their academic success. We endeavor to do this by incorporating them into our curriculum, during assemblies, through our points system, newsletters, value-focused displays and competitions.

If there is one value that we wish our students to take with them into the world, it is that of compassion.
We desire our students to be always ready to lend a helping hand to those who need it. While holding individuals as being accountable, we will not judge anyone if they fail to meet our expectations, but try to understand underlying differences in perspective or circumstances. In all situations, we will strive not to hurt, intentionally or unintentionally.
This is the bedrock of all our values. At IPS, we commit to being ethical, honest and transparent in everything we do, and to always maintain the highest levels of professional and personal conduct. We will never sacrifice our values to achieve our goals – we will do what is right, not what is convenient or easy.
We aim to develop a school community where everyone is considerate and treat others as they would like to be treated. We respect everyone’s views and feelings, and their right to be heard, irrespective of how different they or their viewpoints are.
We believe in a culture of empowerment and encourage students and staff to step forward and take ownership of tasks in their ambit. We acknowledge and reward initiative and leadership. We will hold ourselves accountable for our failures as well as our successes. We recognize that giving back to the community is a key responsibility.
We will set high standards for ourselves in all that we do, and we will do our very best to execute to these standards. We do not believe in perfectionism or the necessity to be first in everything we do. However, no matter how big or small the task, we will put in our best effort, and make sure we pay attention to all important details.
Hard Work
We recognize that excellence takes time and effort and that greater the objective, more the challenges to be overcome. We commit not to be disheartened by adversity or failure, but to learn from them and to continue to work towards our goal till we achieve it.
Courage, for us, does not mean “not afraid”. Rather, it means doing the right thing even if the challenges are intimidating, and even if doing so goes against the popular opinion.
Continuous Improvement
We will strongly encourage teachers and students to challenge status quo and to continuously seek opportunities for improvement: in themselves, their guiding principles, and in their environment.
We believe in working hard as an institution, but we equally firmly believe that working hard should not be synonymous with drudgery. Our goal is to create an environment that teachers, students and staff all feel is a friendly and supportive one, and that they look forward to coming to daily. We will celebrate our school’s success and milestones and value a sense of humour.

As the school approaches its Fiftieth Anniversary, we renew our commitment to adhere to our Founder’s principles by capturing them in our School Values.


IPS will be a school that is recognized for academic and extracurricular excellence, and where every child matters.


Our mission is to provide our students the skills required to become successful citizens of a knowledge-based global community.

Our Philosophy

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the considered choice of many alternatives.” – Unknown

Our strategy for achieving our vision is encapsulated below. These guidelines, underpinned by our values, will define all our actions and goals.

  • Be uncompromising in pursuing the highest standards of education and constantly review and upgrade our curriculum.
  • Ensure our core values of truth, excellence and kindness are integrated into every aspect of our school life.
  • Design and implement a curriculum that covers all key aspects of student development: academic, creative, artistic, cultural, physical, emotional and moral.
  • Avoid rote and routine methods of teaching; provide every child opportunities for exploration and discovery.
  • Ensure our labs and library are accessible and supplied well-above the needs of the curriculum to provide students the resources to become creative and critical thinkers.
  • Expect high standards of behaviour from the students, teachers and the staff; define a considerate framework of routines, boundaries and rules to foster them.
  • Encourage the pursuit of excellence by example, and through constant feedback and benchmarking.
  • Constantly encourage each child to be a producer and not just a consumer of knowledge and positive actions.
  • Avoid a disciplinarian culture and involve students in decision-making, governance and service to promote leadership and teamwork.
  • Ensure the school is fun and vibrant with curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year.
  • Remain a medium-sized school that is small enough to ensure each student has an identity and large enough to provide experiences that prepare them for leadership and success in their lives.
  • Recognize that the welfare, training and motivation of our dedicated and caring staff are key to our success.
  • Recognize that the home is the greatest influence on the child’s success and welcome each student’s parents to partner with the school to ensure the best outcome for their child.

Faculty & Staff

The success of our school is primarily due to our team of experienced and dedicated teachers who are committed to making learning both enjoyable and meaningful and for whom the safety and well-being of each child is paramount. Our teachers and staff highlight and model our core values throughout the year. We have fortnightly teacher training sessions, to review and improve our curriculum, and impart new pedagogical methods.

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The School is well served with smart class rooms to facilitate computer aided as well as traditional teaching methodologies. Each class has no more than thirty students. This enables Teachers to pay individual attention to students while maintaining a fair distribution of talents in the Class. Peer group interaction and cooperation is encouraged. The School maintains teacher to student ratio at a level better than 1:30.

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