Microsoft Showcase School

Microsoft Showcase School

Indira Priyadarshini School accords high priority to online education using state of the art internet technologies. To this end the school collaborates with Microsoft through their Microsoft Showcase School Program. The program provides online access to resources meant to inculcate future ready skills for Students. Students are beneficiaries of the Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework. The Framework takes a holistic view of Students to integrate numerous functions of the School’s education Systems. It incorporates Global best practices to create the path to Educational Transformation. The Framework is grounded in Research with clear successful outcomes.

Oxford Advantage

The Primary and Secondary level text books are sourced from Oxford University Press. The text books are in consonance with the prescribed syllabus and have been proven over time. These are STEM based and application oriented to enable critical thinking and are application oriented. The Oxford Advantage is an on-line technology that is available 24X7 to students. Students can not only access text books and reference resources, but also take on-line tests and post queries to clear doubts in subjects. Teachers closely monitor the system and interact with students digitally using this Media

ELDROK K-12 2022: Innovative School

Indira Priyadarshini School participated in and was Nominated for the Awards of Eldrok India K-12 Summit -2022 held at Taj West End, Bengaluru, on 7th January 2022. The School was a “ Prestigious School ” in the list of confirmed Schools who received awards for EXCELLENCE IN STEM BASED LEARNING.
The Awards Evaluation Process: For Bengaluru 2022, Top Schools & Leadership Awards, involved filtering more than 21,000 Schools and precisely 2,120 schools, in Bengaluru Metropolitan Region were chosen based on Eldrok Standard Evaluation Parameters. Few of selected Parameters includes:
· School Infrastructure,
· Curriculum (CBSE/IB/ICSE),
· Innovative Teaching Pedagogies,
· Use of Tech & Tools in developing Life-Relevant Skills,
·Technology Adoption Levels (Smart class-rooms),
·Extra-Curricular activities,
·Sports Infra facilities and
· National and International collaborations.
Five Principals were chosen to address the forum. Principal Indira Priyadarshini School was invited to speak on ‘Experiential Learning’.

DIYA Robotics: Proactive School

Indira Priyadarshini School collaborates with DIYA(Do It Yourself Academy) for upskilling it’s Students in Coding. DIYA organised a Quiz Contest under the aegis of X Quiz It, wherein the Students of Indira Priyadarshini School participated. The School was Certified as “Proactive school” for motivating 170 students to be a part of Techno – Central, The national Robotic and Future Tech Quiz contest held on 5th Dec,2021 conducted by DIYA powered by X Quiz it.


STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

This system seeks to integrate subjects with the aim of highlighting the connect between subjects and emphasizing application and fusion of various topics and subjects. Abstract topics in math are illustrated using applied concepts in Science and Humanities to enhance the relevance of subjects. Our curriculum places considerable emphasis on Language and Language-Arts, Science, Maths, Technology & Coding, along with Character Education, in the elementary and middle years.

Orient Black Swan

The Orient Black Swan “My Best Friend” series is the principal resource used at the Pre-Primary level. It is a well established and proven Pedagogy. We also have a Phonics Text and Work Book, customised in house to develop spoken communication skills. It is a proven technique and takes advantage of the early learning abilities of Children


Literacy is the gateway skill for educational and career success. The motivation and ability to read complex texts is critical for continued growth in life. Proficiency in science and maths is negated without strong reading and comprehension skills. Literacy is a substantial portion of our curriculum. Students have Reading, Writing and Language-Arts (Speech, Drama and Song) classes on a daily basis from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. We use the workshop model for reading and writing, to make learning both engaging and challenging. Library skills are introduced from Kindergarten onwards.
We have Reading and Literary activities throughout the school calendar, including creative writing competitions, Book Fair, Battle of the Books, library week, poetry slams, theatre and many more. We wish to make love of reading second nature for our students. Carefully curated class novels and summer reading are an essential part of each student’s study plan, and we encourage students to make good use of our well-stocked library.

21st Century Skills

The school’s objective is to impart not just academic learning, but to equip each child with the analytical, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills needed to succeed in today’s unpredictable and ultra-competitive world. We use project-based learning, experiential activities and science fairs to teach students leadership, professionalism, teamwork, and to become technically adept. Our weekly school-level assembly, and annual science and cultural fairs, provide opportunities for each class to showcase their talent. Independent thought, critical thinking, problem solving and intellectual risk-taking are encouraged at every step.

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