Primary School

Primary school is a time of transition from the play-based preschool years to becoming disciplined Middle Schoolers. This is a period of considerable growth and change for the developing child. During this time, our focus is to guide students towards a positive self-image and to bring awareness of habits that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Through our life skills and character education curriculum, students are taught the importance of hygiene, following rules, being well mannered, and situational etiquette.

Middle School

The focus in Middle school is developing strong foundational knowledge in the core subjects of Maths, Science and English. Key concepts in Math, Science and English are taught to mastery. Students must demonstrate a conceptual understanding of at least 80% of these concepts in order to move on to new units. 

Guided questioning, verbalization and, if required, repeated learning, is used to help students reach the 80% knowledge goal of those concepts. Assessment of key concepts is repeated in each grade to ensure students are retaining knowledge critical for their success in STEM when in High School. 

High School

We offer State (recognized by Department of Education) and CBSE (accreditation currently in process) Board curriculum in 9th and 10th Standards. The school has consistently been among the top performers in 10th Standard State Board Exams for past many decades. To prepare them for their boards, the school provides rigorous gifted and augmentation coaching programs, in addition to regular and intensive academic classes, to ensure each child receives the appropriate guidance required to perform successfully. 

IP School Calendar

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